OK. I don't know if you guys check our Facebook page, (that's where we post basically all Asylum-related news) but The Broken EP is coming out very soon. We will be putting it up via BandCamp for money (no free downloads =p) (final price not decided yet). The Sex Me On EP will also be coming out soon for money. (No final price yet.) They won't be very much though, don't worry.
Also, if you know us in person, you'll be able to buy hardcopies (CDs) of Sex Me On and The Broken. They'll probably be around 10-12 dollars (not final) each; (Sex Me On will be less, since it's not going to have as many songs.) be on the lookout for those!
If you can't afford them, let us know via Facebook Message or SoundCloud message/inbox or email us at theofficialasylum@yahoo.com (We're getting a new email soon; Yahoo sucks.)
Keep it locked on our Facebook page! We'll be posting information on Twitter soon too! Always check our Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud daily for news, new songs, and anything and everything Asylum!
Thanks for all your support fans! We love you!

/ Asylum (Moo) <3